About Us

Why would we believe in a Warmbutt?

After decades of working in the construction industry in the ski country of Colorado we looked at a new way to be comfortable and use less energy in the process. With the recent opening and closing of indoor dining we looked at the comfort of the outdoor diner. Warmbutt evolved from the attempt to keep the diner comfortable while feeling safe by dining outside. 

We do not take the idea of comfort lightly. Having been an energy auditor, building sustainability expert, solar installer, and LEED professional, the project developer is dedicated to solutions to our excessive energy use.  To be comfortable outside you need to keep your core temperature up. We have looked at gas firepits and gas overhead heaters and find them environmentally unsound and efficiently deficient. Most of the heat from that gas bottle goes up in the atmosphere. Our answer is local heat directed to your body. Core heat helps keep the extremities warm.  Try one and you will understand that a warm butt makes you a happy camper.

Jon Harrington

Jon has worked as a City Forester, Park Manager, Garden Center owner, award winning landscape designer, NABCEP Certified solar installer, owner of Solar Costa Rica, who installed the first municipal water well fully powered by solar energy in Central America. He has invented a composting machine for the poultry industry, and has demonstrated it’s value to keep groundwater clean. He still manages Wil-Mart.com an online grocery service in Costa Rica. And he is building his herd of goats and flock of laying hens on his Colorado ranch. 

After over 35 years living in the High Colorado Rockies, he cut the power cord and has lived that past two years off-grid.  All of the battery charging for the prototypes has been done from his off grid solar array. He believes that modern use of energy should be done intelligently. Warmbutt is a product of that philosophy.



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