Warmbutt COO Cool Thing You Need. Ok, it’s hot!

Warmbutt heated seating pads are versatile. They can be powered by any 12V DC or 120V AC source. Try one for those cold sailing days. ⛵

Valued at $249.00, Warmbutt is the heated seat you need! No other heated outdoor seat comes close in Summit County cold weather.

  • Made in Summit County
  • -30F rated vinyl cover
  • 1,000 hour UV rating
  • Can be powered by 12V or 120V (with adapter)
  • 120V adapter included
  • Warms to 115F even in the dead of winter
  • Three layers of radiant barrier insulation make sure all the heat is delivered to you
  • VELCRO straps make sure it stays in place
  • Fits most patio and camp chairs
  • 1 year materials and workmanship warranty
Embroidered logo for class and long wear.
Fits most outdoor chairs.
Full 1/4 inch welting for clean lines and long wear.
Free Warmbutt cap with this offer. Wear it with pride!